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Executive Board Authority

Guest Mrs. Smith

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Good Morning,

I am looking for information regarding the authority of the executive board to limit and/or eliminate the president's authority, from day-to-day operations to decision-making.

"Remove"? Remove what?

Presidents already don't have such authority. - Unless you have delegated such powers to your president. - So what is it that you even need to "remove"?

And to drop the other shoe:

Boards do not have the authority to have anything to do with "day to day operations" either, just in case you think by eliminating your president's role, your board picks up that role.

By default, presidents are powerless.

By default, boards are powerless.

Whatever power a board or a president has, must come from somewhere other than Robert's Rules of Order - like your bylaws.

So, if indeed your bylaws grant such a power, then there is nothing your board can do. - The bylaws themselves must be amended to take away the authority.

So, there is nothing really for your board to do, at all, isn't there?

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