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officer elect

Guest payton

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p, vp step down without appointing anyone (sectuary stepped down without replaced already) only person left is the treasurer who also steps down because assumes she is going to take over as p. is able to once step downs from one postion to go to another?

If the president resigns, the vice-president becomes president. The secretary and treasurer do not "move up." Rather, the vacancy in the position of vice-president is filled in accordance with your bylaws or a special election is held if the bylaws are silent on the issue.

Your post is titled "officer elect" but you do not mention that office.

Please clarify.


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president and vice president both stepped down at same time with no replacements made. so treasurer only postion that is still same person (with 2 yr term that was elected last yr). if treasurer then steps down can they go for another postion in the special election?

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