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Standing committee?


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We have several standing committees many of which only have a chair (one member).

Q1. Can a committee consist of one rather than a group?

Also, the chairs and members are appointed by the board, no nominations or requests for resumes.

Q2. [is this] normal practice?

A1. Indeed!

There can exist a "committee of one". Nothing wrong with that.

Every time a job pops up which needs action, and a volunteer says, "Hey, no problem, I'll take care of it," you have a committee of one, in theory.

He'll report back just as any "normal" (i.e., multiple member) committee would, under your agenda's "reports from committees."

A2. Right.

Nothing wrong with making an all-inclusive motion, bypassing (a.) nominations; (b.) elections.

Example: Assuming that a vacancy exists in the Dance Committee, a member might obtain the floor and say, "I move that we appoint Mrs. Peacock to the Dance Committee to fill the vacancy."

Majority vote. - No resumes; no nominations; no Request For Proposals; no balloting.

"Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am!"

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