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It's not customary for a committee to keep copious minutes to begin with....RONR notes it's customary for the chair to keep a memoranda in the nature of minutes.

However, some committees (bylaws come to mind) might have someone take regular minutes, in which case the chairman would have no editorial control. The members would offer corrections if need be, just like in a regular assembly.

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Is it customary for the chair of a committee to review and edit the minutes before they are presented to the full committee for review and approval?

Does this committee have a formally selected secretary?

According to RONR, committees do not need to keep minutes in the way that certain other assemblies do. In large committees 'a secretary may be chosen to keep a brief memorandum in the nature of minutes for the use of the committee.' (RONR p. 483 ll. 7-9). However, if you are following a formal minute-taking-plus-approval process in this committee, as would be done in larger assembly, I don't see anything in RONR that gives the chair a right to review and edit the draft minutes ahead of time. That's extrapolating from the rules for other assemblies, though, not an explicit citation from RONR about how minutes should be handled in a committee.

edited to add: Never mind -- while I was leafing through the pages on committees, Mr. Mervosh has provided a briefer and more definitive answer :) .

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