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postpone indefinitly

Guest gmc

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if a motion is postponed indefinitly at an executive committee meting, if we want to revisit the issue, does't it go back to the orginial committee of the executive commitee?

If you voted to postpone indefinitely, it's dead; gone; kaput; joined the Choir Invisible; pushin' up the daisies. It is an ex-motion.

Now if you want to revisit this issue, it will require a new motion, and what you do with it has virtually nothing to do with what happened to the old one. Whatever happens to this new motion will depend on what normally happens to new motions of this type, by rule or custom.

RONR, by default, would say that a new main motion would only go to a committee if your EC decides to send it there. Do you have standing rules that say motions of this type have to go to that subcommittee first? If not, you (the EC) are free to handle it however you think best.

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