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Partial Board Year


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A home owners association was non active for many years. The group was re-formed in May 2009 with a proper Annual Meeting where a newly Board was created. This Board was comprised by 5 members with different levels of terms. i.e. 2 members had 3 years terms, 2 members 2 years and 1 member one year term. This newly board did NOT noticed that the they needed to have sumbitted a Budget at the May 2009 meeting. The Budget can only be presented at an AGM.

Consequently they called for a new Annual Meeting in Novemeber 2009. Would those 5-6 months equate to a full term even though it was a partial term? By the way, the financial year of the Association runs Jan - Dec. According to the by-laws and declarations of the Assoc, the AGM should be held at least 30 days ahead of the financial term. The board thought they were acting in compliance with the rules. The one year member was re-elected at the Nov 2009 meeting.

The information is needed to gather whether some of the members need to be replaced accordingly. In my opinion the 1 year term and the 2 two years terms should be voted on at this years AGM to be held Nov 2010.

your help is much appreicated

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