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Depending on the severity of this falsification of the minutes, as well as a violation of Robert's Rules, the secretary could very well refuse to do this, followed immediately by resigning the office. Such actions should probably be accompanied by a formal letter to the Board noting the violations.

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The Board requested a change to minutes that the secretary drafted.

If these are minutes of the board, the board does not request a change. A member of the board can offer a correction. If there is no objection, the correction is made. If there is an objection, which it seems there was, the correction is put to a vote. The result of that vote decides if the correction is made or not. The secretary has no more say than the vote he casts.

The secretary pointed out that this change did not accurately reflect what happened at the meeting.

That sounds like debate on a correction. This is fine.

The board agreed to adopt them anyway.

That is the board's right. Apparently, the board did not agree with the secretary's opinion. This is not to say that the board can just rewrite history through the minutes.

What is the secretary's obligation at this point?

This situation has created no greater or less obligation on the part of the secretary. The secretary is to keep the minutes; he is not to rule over them.

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