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Vacant Position


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Yes, but I would assume he'd be running for a seat whose term expires later than the term of his current seat.

Sunshine, if Mr. Mountcastle's assumption is what you mean, I concur with his answer. Still, though, the individual could not serve in two identical positions at once, so you'd have a new vacancy to fill.

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We have a vacancy on the board and the position is to filled at our next board meeting.


Can an existing board member decide to run for the vacancy?


Anyone can run for anything.

It violates no rule in Robert's Rules of Order.

If yes, what is the proper procedure?

There is nothing extra to do.

Just do this:

1. hold nominations.

2. hold the election.

Do they have to resign first?


No parliamentary rule is violated when a sitting board member or a sitting officer runs for a second position. Or a third position. Or a fourth position.

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