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Motion not seconded

Guest Mary

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HOA meeting - If a motion is made by a Board member and the motion IS NOT seconded,

Seconds are not required in small boards (not more than about a dozen members present). See RONR(10th ed.), p. 470, l. 17-27.

can that Board member maka subsequent motion - different from the first, made on the same subject?

There's no rule against him making the exact same motion again, provided that it's not an obvious waste of time, and there's certainly no rule banning him from making a different motion on a subject, just because he failed to get a second on an earlier attempt.

The item was on the Agenda

If the motion was set as a general order on the agenda, it is due to come up automatically. Perhaps, this isn't what you mean by "on the agenda," though?

and the meeting was in executive session.

This doesn't matter... unless his motion had some special relationship to executive session.

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