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reading of minutes

Guest Stephanie

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If a motion is made to waive the reading of the minutes and the vote is a majority to waive the reading, is that acceptable? There has been a discussion that if one director wants the minutes read, then they must be read and cannot be waived.

The reading and approval of the minutes can be waived by a majority vote. See RONR(10th ed.), p. 456, l. 33 - p. 457, l. 7.

It requires a Suspension of the Rules, which normally requires a two-thirds vote, to approve the minutes without having them read. See RONR(10th ed.), p. 457, l. 6-8.

However, when the minutes are being approved, the demand of a single member can compel them to be read. See RONR(10th ed.), p. 287, l. 10-14.

If your intention it to facilitate approval of the minutes without taking up time in the meeting to have them read, see RONR(10th ed.), p. 9-19.

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