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removing board members

Guest tyler

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Can our assoc vote a board member off the board that has 1 yr left just by a vote of the board?

Are you asking a question about your bylaws or constitution? - "Do we have such authority?"

Or are you asking a question about Robert's Rules of Order? - "Do boards in general have authority to vote off sitting members?"

I cannot answer your question about your own customized rules. You must read your bylaws (and all your documents of governance) and interpret your own rules.

Under Robert's Rules, there is no authority for a board to do anything, must less vote off sitting members.

That is why the real answer is in your bylaws - YOUR board MIGHT have such authority, IF your BYLAWS say so.

Does that action have to be on the agenda?


Boards don't kick anybody off anything.

Exceptions must lie in your own documents of governance.

If they are silent, then the simple answer is "No."

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