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Goverance/Law Duty

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Where can I find the description/duty of the Goverance/Law in the 10th edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised?

"... the Goverance/Law ..."?

That term, whatever it is, is not a term which appears within the 700+ pages of RONR (10th ed. 2000).

Q. What is it, and in what context did you run across it?

It is a legal term? A parliamentary term? A unique term you found in a set of bylaws?

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Bylaws committee's duties? What they can do or cannot do? All the works.

As we've said, the duties of standing committees and what they can or cannot do is contained in the bylaws of the organization. If no standing committees are defined there, then none exist.

The duties of select committees are defined in the motion which created them, or in a subsequent motion to instruct or charge them.

What they can/cannot do runs in a range from "nothing"[*] all the way up to everything the parent body can do, depending on what authorization or powers they are given. By default, a committee has the authority to consider and make recommendations on questions referred to them, and no more.


* P.S. On second thought, if someone moved "That a committee of five be appointed to do nothing," that would probably not be in order.

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Got more explaination: For example, motions or issues referred to Bylaws Committee by the members of Softball Council - was told that Rules & Regulations cannot be discussed within Bylaws Committee.

You'll find the answers to your questions in your bylaws, not in RONR. Or just ask the person who told you what your committees can and can't do to show you the rule that says so.

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Bylaws committee's duties? What they can do or cannot do? All the works.

A committee is powerless.

Or rather, there is at least one thing all committees can do: PRODUCE A REPORT.

Anything above and beyond a REPORT (an interim report, or a final report) is not authorized by anything within Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR 10th edition, 2000).

So, sure, a committee can do LOTS of things:

• meet

• make motions

• vote

• discuss

• produce a final report

Nonetheless, your "bylaws committee" cannot do anything more than what any other committee can do.

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