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our current executive board has 7 people.. we also have 13 general board members.. What happens if when voting for a new president it ends up in a tie... 10 for one canidate and 10 for the current president.. who breaks the tie....

No one breaks the tie. You have another round of balloting, and so on, and so forth. If the vote remains deadlocked...

  • Try and have a majority agree to a compromise candidate, and reopen nominations to enter him in the race.
  • Try to change someone's mind through debate.
  • Postpone the election to an adjourned meeting (if possible) or to the next regular meeting (if it is within a quarterly interval). Perhaps opinions (or attendance) will be different at a new meeting.
  • Just keep voting. Eventually, someone will either fall asleep or go home, which will change the results.

Under no circumstances does anyone get to cast a second vote in order to break the tie. It's one man, one vote.

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