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Stopping Ballot Vote


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If ballots have been given to members and voting has begun, can the body vote to stop the process?

For what purpose is the stoppage?

E.g., if _____:

• the meeting hall is on fire,

• an armed man wearing a ski mask is shooting the sergeant-at-arms,

• the police S.W.A.T. squad had busted in the front door,

• a drunken driver has plowed into the west wall of the meeting room,

... then the default rule in Robert's Rules of Order may not apply.

Else? No.

A point of order might be possible, though, despite page 408's rule.

(excerpt, p. 408)

INTERRUPTION OF VOTES. Interruptions dur-

ing the taking of a vote are permitted only before any mem-

ber has actually voted, unless, as sometimes occurs in ballot

voting, other business is being transacted during voting or

tabulating. For points of order regarding the conduct of a

vote, see pp. 243-44.

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As opposed to an unarmed man shooting the sergeant-at-arms?

Uh --- Well ---

Maybe I should have specified the arms being brandished.

I mean, you cannot shoot the sergeant at arms with a Japanese samurai sword. :blink:

The ski mask on the Samurai might have been a hair bit anachronistic, though.

I don't think Samurai do much skiiing nowadays, so they? :unsure:

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