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election of an officer

Guest Beverly

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I am currently an officer holding a two year position. I just won an election for vice president (on write in votes) which is a one year term. In order to be vice president do I have to give up my two year position?? Can I hold both positions??

That's a local question for your society to answer.

Strictly speaking, RONR does not prohibit you from holding two positions. But many organizations don't allow it, by their bylaws, rules, or custom.

If yours does not, then you will have to choose which position to accept. The group can decide if it's allowed but you get to decide which to pick if it's not.

And if it is allowed in your organization, note well that you do NOT get two votes, only two hats.

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Is it just me, or .......?

It may just be you.

In the cited instance, the candidate lost the election for the second office. In this instance, the candidate won.

It may just be that we're approaching end-of-year elections for many organizations. Also known as "harvest time" in parliamentary circles.

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