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Executive Sessions

Guest Carol Walsh

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Would someone please verify for me that when meeting in Executive Session, it is NOT permissible to record the meeting!! Any comments on taking of minutes would also be appreciated. Thanks

Minutes are kept, just like any other meeting. They are, of course, limited to members of the body that is meeting and are acted upon in executive session (p. 93).

The assembly is in control of its meeting space and permit or prohibit taping (p 625).

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Would it be ethical for the town clerk to be present and take minutes at an executive session, even discussing other personnel?


Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR 10th ed., 2000) is not a book of ethics.

RONR is a book of parliamentary rules of order.

It violates no parliamentary rule of order to take minutes at an executive session.

In fact, the rule is, minutes must be taken -- i.e., executive session is not an exception to the rule. -- Even when "discussing personnel."

Whether such an action is "ethical" is a question RONR does not answer.

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