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Can a Planning Commission use Google Docs to discuss zoning bylaws by inserting member comments for discussion at a later warned meeting? Basically, everyone would put in their comments on the document and meet later to discuss / vote on changes.

What are you going to do? Just "talk"?

There is no rule in Robert's Rules of Order against "people talking to people".

There is no rule in RONR Tenth Edition 2000 against e-mails, telephones, faxes, petitions, letters, crib notes, flyers, etc. -- assuming that "exchanging viewpoints" or "pushing a personal agenda" is the ONLY thing going on.

So, if all you are going to do is: discuss, debate, cabal, cavil, lobby, caucus, consort, conspire, etc., then GO AHEAD.

You still have First Amendment rights under Robert's Rules of Order.

No gag rule is automatically enforced.


Ah! Once you get to VOTING, then there IS a rule indeed prohiting absentee voting.

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