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Board members out of order.


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Chapter 20.

But just reading that probably won't solve your problems.

Get a coy of RONRIB:

"Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief" (Da Capo Press, Perseus Books Group, 2004). It is a splendid summary of all the rules you will really need in all but the most exceptional situations. And only $7.00! You can read it in an evening.

And maybe get copies for your fellow (?) board members, too.

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Thanks for your reply. I bought Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief also.

I also bought this one for the other members. Some didn't bother to take a copy. You can probably guess that the ones that didn't are the ones that are out of order, saying things like " I can talk if I want-don't tell me I can't talk."

They were told several times they had to be recognized and couldn't talk when someone else was speaking but it didn't go well.

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I just bought RONR 10th edition.

Can you point me to where it discusses this?

They keep talking, several at a time, even after being told they are out of order.

"Board members out of order?"

Yes, I can point out the relevant pages in RONR Tenth Edition.

See Section 43, "Rules Governing Debate".

See especially page 376, "Number of Speeches On The Same Question Per Member Per Day".

See especially page 379, "Decorum in Debate".

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