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board of directors and advisory board

Guest alexis

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what's the difference in

a board of directors and

an advisory board?

The phrase "advisory board" never appears within RONR Tenth Edition (2000).

So The Book will be of no value in answering your question.

(The word "advisory" appears once in RONR, in the context of the parliamentarian.)


You know what I think?

I think "an advisory board" has the primary duty of advising somebody or something.

And, that sounds suspiciously like a committee's primary duty -- to tell the superior body what it thinks, but never taking action itself.

Such is not the case with a board of directors. A board is a true deliberative assembly, as The Book describes a typical board.

But remember that you have no board of directors, except as your bylaws define one. -- Even if it defines your board of directors as an advisory board only.

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