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Consent Agenda

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If the society has adopted a special rule of order permitting it's use, yes. RONR, pp. 349-350

Although I agree with Mr. Mervosh's reply, I would also point out that a consent agenda is not particularly useful for most ordinary societies of the type for which RONR is principally written. It should be borne in mind that nothing prevents an assembly from transacting routine, uncontroversial business by unanimous consent without it's having a consent calendar.

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Does Roberts Rules of Order allow the use of a "consent agenda?"

"Consent calendars" are acknowledged within RONR Tenth Edition, which adds that it is a common tool for governmental bodies.

The term "consent agenda" does not appear on pages 349-350.

I don't think that implies anything other than The Book chose to use the most common term.

The word "agenda" is a technical term in RONR.

The word "consent" itself is likewise often used within RONR Tenth Edition, especially in the terms "unanimous consent" and "general consent".


... which makes me think that the term "consent agenda" could be seen as an oxymoron. :unsure:

(There is only one agenda, one order of business per meeting; it would be twist in consistency to have two agendas, two orders-of-business, in one meeting.)

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