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Electronic voting

Guest Steve

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The footnote at page 2 of RRO advises that elctronic voting "...must be expressly authorized by the bylaws and should be supported by special rules of order and standing rules as appropriate ...".

We have had two situations, occuring between meetings, where the tresurer is concerned, except for several long e-mail threads, that he has not been clearly authorized to expend funds.

I am seeking the cleanest lanaguage possible to place in the bylaws of our organization and, also,

suggestions for language concerning "special rules of order" and "standing rules".

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.


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I prefer a statement in the bylaws saying, "Any meeting may be held by any electronic means provided that each person participating at the meeting can be heard by every other participant at the same time." That does not allow for the use of e-mail and fax but those methods have significant issues and you might go back to reconsider whether RONR doesn't have it right.

If the matter is so non-controversial that you don't need a meeting, you could consider something like, "The Board thereof may act without a meeting if all members of the Board consent in writing to the adoption of a resolution authorizing the proposed action."


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