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  1. rigged.

    This Hello. Last night I heard about a plan to fix our elections, next month. Chuck (a very popular member) is running for Prez. Mike, (unpopular) is running unopposed for vice prez. The theory is that when Chuck wins, he will resign within a month, and take a position at the state level, rather than stay as Prez at the local level. This will automatically move the vice prez into the prez position. I feel that this is an attempt to fix the election, in effect making the memberships votes worthless. I feel that I must voice my concerns at the next general meeting. How should I procede? I'm lost. Mike
  2. Voluteer organization working with Constitution and Bylaws has proposed a negative amendment. It reads; Minor corrections occasionally are needed to correct spelling or date information - there is a proposal to not require an amendment for minimal changes such as grammar, titles, references, dates or times to ensure clarity. Doesn't Roberts Rules cover this? As we already have a rule that says anything not covered in our bylaws may be referred to Roberts.
  3. I wanted to bring something up at our next meeting, and needed the minutes to properly give credit where it was due. Our secretary told me he does not print the minutes until it was time to accept them at the next meeting. Is this normal? OUr bylaws do not cover this.
  4. At our meeting, under "old business" a member proposed giving $1800 dollars to a struggling non profit in our area. This motion was unanimously voted down as it was felt the non profit did noting to help itself, it was becoming dependent on our organization. Much later in the meeting, the motion was brought up again, for a lessor amount of $700. Motion passed. My question is whether this motion was proper, as a similar motion had already been defeated. Redundant motions are not covered in our bylaws.
  5. Society Bylaws: The Board shall hold a regular meetings on the third Thursday of each month, at 6 pm, or at a date, time, and location designated. Changes in the date time and location of meeting shall be posted on the bulletin board. So we show up to the meeting and are asked to leave while the board conducts business. different from the business scheduled. There was no emergency. Maybe I'm big dealing something here, but I feel it was important to conduct the scheduled business first. and foremost, out of respect for the members who took the time to attend the meeting. Am I wrong here?
  6. In our organization, the Commander is elected every year. Because of term limits, he/she may only serve two terms. Two years ago we reelected our Commander for his/her second term. Within two months he resigned to take another position within the organization, and our First Vice took over Command and served the remainder of the term (about 9 months). The following year, our Commander was (re?)elected. Now, this commander intends to run for reelection next month. I am wondering--is this allowed? Our constitution says that Roberts is the deciding party when questions arise. Has our Commander served his/her two terms, or only one term?