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  1. Third Edition 1893

    I appreciate all of the helpful input everyone has shared so far.
  2. Third Edition 1893

    Do the first three editions refer to "Parliamentary Procedure" as "Parliamentary Usage"? I'm curious to know if the term has evolved that way? Is there a way to view or obtain copies of those first three editions?
  3. Third Edition 1893

    Thank you for the reply. On March 4th, 1893, the Hawaiian Patriotic League, founded by Hawaiian Kingdom legislators, formally adopted its constitution as an Association. The structure and format of that constitution is very similar to the sample bylaws in RONR (11th ed.), which leads to the hypothesis that they were using one of the first three editions of Robert's Rules of Order to help them draft that document. By knowing the point in 1893 that the Third Edition of Robert's Rules was published, it could help narrow down that hypothesis. I'm a student of both Parliamentary Procedure and of that era in Hawaiian history.
  4. Third Edition 1893

    What was the approximate date (month or month and day) in 1893 that the Third Edition of Robert's Rules of Order was published?