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  1. According to my understanding and granted I may be reading this from multiple sources online plus be dead wrong. But, if you were to ask the chair to "call the question", debate would be closed, the question called, correct? Further, from what I have read, it would take a 2/3rds vote to approve because debate was not held (as opposed to a simple majority). Now my question comes in two parts: A ) Can you request to "call the question" and the chair decline the request allowing debate? i) If the chair was to decline the "calling of the question", can you overrule the chair on a floor vote? B ) If there is an off number of members what constitutes a 2/3rds vote under Roberts Rules v.10? Ex: 7 person board, 4 would be simple majority, so would 2/3rds then be 5?
  2. Outstanding! Thank you much for your help. Much appreciated!
  3. As I am the committee chair, Is there specific language I should use to have it considered as a whole / consent calendar? I.E. "I would like to make a motion to consider all action items as whole?" or something like that? Thanks! Edit: I don't believe I can move these action items to a consent agenda as the board agenda has already been made public. (correct me if I am wrong of course!)
  4. I have a committee with multiple policy action items (8 total) As such, is there a motion to bundle these action items as a singular voting item instead of going line by line?