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  1. The property owners were sent out a ballot to vote on proposals on new deed restrictions. They can be mailed in, emailed or dropped off. Shouldn't there be a ballot box. They are tallying votes as they get them and informing people what the outcome is already. thank you!
  2. Our POA has had the same deed since 1974. The property owners just received a proposal for new deed restrictions. 2 board members and a committee made the changes, presented to lawyer and then mailed out for us to vote. They did an all or nothing vote. At a meeting, the board admitted that as a while they did not read the proposal prior to being sent out. A lot of the proposals are vague. Also we were told that they were changed because of complainers in the neighborhood and they HAD to present them to us. Now we are being told that they had to do it this way because of Robert's Rule. I live in Texas, is this correct? The board as a whole does not review deed restriction proposals prior to presenting as a vote? thank you- angela bandy