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  1. Thank you all so much for your help!
  2. They bylaws do allow electronic meetings and state that they must follow Robert's Rules. They also state that notice must be given for meetings. No notice was given. The group was opened and business started being transacted. I am guessing there would also be a problem with excluding one board member from this group and not allowing them to participate?
  3. Unfortunately a board member can only be removed by the board according to our bylaws. There is a policy about electronic communication that I will have to take a look at. I believe my only recourse is to go after them for being unfairly dismissed. It seems I have a lot of ammunition. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for your replies!
  5. Hello, A motion was made by one of our board members which violates our membership agreement. This motion was seconded by the president. At this point, no vote has been taken. What happens to a motion that is not voted on? Can it be withdrawn, who withdraws it?
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