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  1. Electronic ballot, which is allowed.
  2. I didn't vote because I accidentally missed deadline
  3. We have an election to fill and the vote was by ballot. I am the president but didn't vote. There were 4 candidates, results were 11 votes and 1 abstantion. Candidate A recd 0 votes, Candidate B recd 1 vote, Candidate C & Candidate D both received 5 votes. How do we handle deciding wonder?
  4. I think this is the final question... so if we started to vote with the thought that write-in were not allowed and the results have not been announced, can we re-vote again? We are already in the 2nd round of voting because the 1st round was a ballot with both names, without an option to submit a blank vote, and the 2nd ballot included was just a space for us to type in the name.
  5. The bylaws say "A vacancy in all other offices (aside from President) shall be filled by majority vote of the Board of Directors." So are you saying that even though we have this section in our policies, not in the bylaws, other than that the section above, the policy doesn't matter? We've always operated as that our bylaws tell us what and our policies tell how to do it.
  6. But it does say that those that are interested have to specify by specified deadlines, leading me to believe that write-ins would not be eligible if those persons didn't indicate their interest by the deadline. Am I missing something here?
  7. It was a vote taken electronic with an online poll where all 15 had access to the link and opportunity to vote.
  8. No, no announcements have been made as some board members believe that we need to first establish quorum and then to win, the person has to have a majority of the votes cast. That's how we vote on other matters. Others think that the person needs 8 votes to win since 8 is a majority of the board.
  9. Edgar, 4 voted for A, 0 for B, 2 abstentions
  10. Here is what the rules say about vacancies between conferences: In the bylaws, A vacancy in all other offices (aside from President) shall be filled by majority vote of the Board of Directors. In our policies which are one level below our bylaws, The Nominating Committee Chair will solicit qualified applicants to fill the vacancy from applications and interest cards submitted within two years prior to the date of the vacancy. Applicants having an application on file may submit, within ten days of the notification of the vacancy, a letter of intent to be included in the slate of candidate
  11. @josh, Th prior thread was regarding our elections at conferences, this thread is about our elections in between conventions, due to vacancies, when the board (and not the delegates) vote on the board of directors. Yes, that is exactly what was written "other, I'm just not abstaining"
  12. I found this "members still have the right, on the ballot, to cast 'write-in votes" for other eligible persons." RONR § 46 (p. 442). Wouldn't that only apply if our rules didn't already address what potential candidates must do to be considered for an office thus what makes them "eligible"? In our case they had to submit an application intending their desire to run to our nominating committee chair. Our rules further state that the nominating chair submits the applications to the board members and they in turn submit their vote to the board's chair. Our rules speak on establishing quorum a
  13. Our board fills vacancies that occur mid-term... need some help understanding how the election is determined regarding voting in this case. We have 2 candidates that have submitted their paperwork as required to be considered. We did electronic voting in which the instructions we were given by our chair that we could write in the name of one of the two we wanted OR just not write in a name (essentially turning in a blank ballot) but still submit the form. Our bylaws do not address write-in candidates. We were told that because of that we could not just write in another person aside from tho
  14. Where in Roberts can I find information about a single vote being enough for an election?
  15. Bozo, where is that referenced in Robert's (not the accident part lol)? If we give them blank ballots for someone running unopposed, if they dont turn in the ballots or they dont write the name of the person, it doesn't count right?
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