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  1. Thank you for letting me know I should reply to each person individually. And thank you to all for their work and help!
  2. Thank you for all your insight. My apologies for not replying specifically to each one. I will rectify. Thank you Mr. Tesser for enlightening me.
  3. Thank you. Your example is most helpful. It was agreed we would adjourn and the President would give a full 10 days notice. The comment regarding "in absence of a motion to adjourn or motion to fix time to adjourn" expresses the question can the President state she is not bound by an agreement when no motion to that affect was made. Additionally, cite RONR stating she can reconvene the adjourned special meeting without notice. Or mis-cite RONR with respect to these circumstances.
  4. The threads are related. The meeting precipitating the meeting in this thread was a member requested emergency special meeting which the President did not schedule until a month later with the requested special meeting purpose changed. Thank you for the guidance on appropriate follow-up to discussion.
  5. Thank you. Since RONR is silent and the bylaws nor the state laws specifically say a President may (1) disregard the emergency and set her own date at some time to be determined in the future up to 30 days out; it would seem reasonable minds would believe it cannot be done. Additionally, since RONR is silent and the bylaws nor the state laws specifically state how long the Secretary may take to send notice from her reception, perhaps reasonable minds would expect in an emergency the notice would go out immediately or as quickly afterwards as possible from the reception of the request. Does th
  6. Thank you. The bylaws do not state specifically who or what body may waive the 10 day notice. Instead it states in case of emergency, a condition, the 10 day notice shall be given(See below excerpt from bylaws). In the absence of specification, the who (President) or what body (Executive Board or Five Members) requesting/calling the meeting would determine if the meeting is an emergency. The initial meeting was called as a special meeting, no emergency. The reconvening made no mention of emergency. Our chapter bylaws regarding special meetings and emergency special meetings state: "Special m
  7. Thank you. No lawyers. It appears as if the bylaws written for use by any same society regardless of state located, may have been written in a manner that would not conflict with any state's law. If that is the case then no conflict exists. I was hoping RONR would provide some insight. Simply, members are trying to call a meeting which is being denied and filibustered. Does RONR provide an avenue? Again, thank you.
  8. Thank you. To your question..."normal notice time" comes from our ByLaws specifying a minimun 10 day notice which can be waived if emergency.
  9. What governs the reconvening of an adjourned special meeting when no specific date or time was set at the adjournment only the President's statement she would give a full ten day notice? Can the President in the absence of a motion to adjourn or motion to fix time to adjourn, exercise a perogative to reconvene with under 48 hour notice? Is she excused from providing the normal notice time of ten days for non-emergency? If notice is given which does not allow all members the chance to attend or some members receive notice after the meeting has taken place, is it an illegal meeting?
  10. When a Society's Bylaws define Special Meetings in the following manner: "Special Meetings may be called by the President or Executive Board and shall be called upon the written request of ten members. Except in case of emergency, ten days notice shall be given." and the state's General Statutes define Special Meetings in the following manner: " A corporation with members shall hold a special meeting of members: (1) On call of its board of directors or the person or persons authorized to do so by the articles of incorporation or bylaws; or (2) Within 30 days after the holders of at least ten
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