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  1. Thank you, Chris, for the quick response. This is what is prompting us to think we need to reverse what we did: (it's coming from www.parlipro.org) Would you address this? Thanks, Tammy The President resigned, now what? The Vice-President automatically becomes the President for the remainder of the term of the President. For more information, refer to RONR 10th ed. pp. 442.
  2. Our Board Chair forgot to sign up for re-election last November and there was no one opposing him. We appointed him back into his position in February of this year. We have just now discovered that in January we should have appointed the Vice-Chair to fulfill his Board Chair position and in February when we appointed him it would have been to to fill the Vice-Chair's empty position. Is this correct? If yes, is it too late to correct it? And how would we do that?
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