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  1. The town I live in states that they adhere to Robert's rules. The city attorney told me to consult Robert's Rules of Order. The procedure for a citizen(me) to speak before the Mayor and council is to request to be on the agenda at least 72 hrs before any regular scheduled mayor/council meeting and give a 1 sentence description of the topic. My topic being that the local municipal judge appointed by the local mayor is being investigated by the State Attorney General's office as evidenced by a press release from the attorney general's website stating such. I gave such description , and was listed on the agenda. The Mayor in this instance is the Chair. It came my turn to speak and the Chair stated, "you have 3 minutes to speak on the topic that I listed." I spoke for about 10 seconds from a prepared statement quoting the State Attorney General and the Mayor/Chair said, " I have heard enough out of you. I am shutting you down right now." I stopped speaking for a second and then started speaking again. The Mayor shouted back," I am not going to listen to you talk about our municipal judge that way, you are done." I asked about my 3 minutes to speak and that every other citizen that spoke before me got their 3 minutes to speak. He stated that he could cut off anyone he wanted whenever he wanted. I guess my question is this---based on the information before you, is this person "out of order"? Can he do exactly what he says he can do? and exactly as he did?
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