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  1. It was passed and adopted to the by laws. But the reason for my question is it reminds me of the Affordable Healthcare Act Mandate. I do not attend dinner meetings due to reasons such as, terrible restaurant or foo and the like. Besides they are not a required meeting. Charging for something I will not receive.
  2. I am wondering about whether a club ruled by a constitution and Roberts Rules of Order can legally Assess a fee for dinner meeting that a person probably would not attend anyway because they are not required.
  3. Our board consists of 14 Officers, one of them as past president according to our by-laws. The meetings are also open to other members but they can not vote but may offer input. Some of our older members believe that as past presidents they are honorary members of the board with voting rights which is not included in the by-laws. Please offer insight.
  4. Thank you Josh. I would also like to ask if at which ever meeting I choose, is it proper for myself to present all information that I have been accumulating in a folder of violations and misdeeds that this person has committed, to the board?
  5. I have addressed the forum before about issues I'm having with a particular officer and my thoughts of trying to handle the issue peacefully have failed. Unfortunately our next Board Meeting is only scheduled for 1/2 of an hour before the regular meeting and I expect trouble from this person. That being said, As I am President do I have the right to call a POO to ask members of the board for a motion to schedule a Special Board Meeting and table the discussion that would be causing a commotion before the regular meeting. I realize that in my position I should try to remain bipartisan but the issue has festered in a way that it affects the performance of otherwise a wonderful board and a happy hardworking membership.
  6. Although I appreciate your advice JD, I was wondering how I would get a second or even a third opinion so that I can weigh my options. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with ( Cats ) and everything to do with non-profit membership business. Thank you very much for your time and advice!
  7. Our club has not created a e-mail policy but we have created an e-mail list of members only. Our by-laws state that partisan politics and religion are not acceptable at meetings but does not cover mass e-mail distribution. Unfortunately we have a member that has been engaging in these habits and also sending information not authorized by the board to the entire e-mail list. Would you please update me on acceptable procedures such as a standing rule without changing the entire by-law structure. Thank You.
  8. Can the Chairman of a regular meeting open the meeting without a quorum, conduct business and come back days later to declare the meeting null and void because he did not like the results. Otherwise he would have said nothing.
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