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  1. I am a member of a non-profit, member owned bridge club. We are in the midst of a legal action where one member is suing one of the voluntary board members and one of our game directors as a result of disciplinary action imposed resulting from the Zero Tolerance Policy enforced according to the American Contract Bridge League's policies for member clubs. Our Board has received a petition for a "Special" meeting (in accordance with our Constitution with 10 signatures) requesting more information about the law suit. Details can not be discussed at the meeting as both parties have engaged lawyers. A factual statement will be shared with the members but prepared by the club's lawyer. The question is whether motions from the floor at this meeting must be entertained? An invitation for motions/agenda items has been requested up to 4 days prior to the meeting at which time the agenda will be finalized. We are just trying to avoid or anticipate any surprises at the meeting. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
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