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  1. The way this is written is it clear in the relation to both one amendment as well as an entire rewrite. I'm not sure if both scenarios needs to be explicate.
  2. Hi, Does the wording here seem unclear: Section 2. Any amendment of the constitution bylaws must be submitted in writing signed by two (2) members in good standing, presented to the Secretary to be read at the regular (general) meeting of the Circle, and must be read at three (3) consecutive meetings. All members must be notified of this intent of change of the bylaws in three consecutive monthly bulletins. After reading up on the isolated changes vs general revisions in RONR, it seems this section is missing the
  3. We are in the process of revising our Bylaws by committee. When voting time comes, I was told "because our general membership already made a motion to review and revise our Bylaws by committee, we don't need to get a motion from the floor to accept each section containing a revision". Everything I have read and researched in RONR, RONR In Brief and even for Roberts Rules Dummies, I have found nothing to validate the statement. She says she got this info from her post in the RONR forum in 2006 but doesn't have a copy of it. How do we know there is an ineterest in going into discussion o
  4. We just held our nominations. One nomination came from the floor for a director that was removed from office on the current board. Is this person eligible for candidacy for the upcoming election?
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