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  1. The Board of the organization I worked for met in Executive (Closed) Session to discuss a then-ongoing legal matter. A motion was considered and passed regarding the matter. (In short, the Board gave the Executive the authority to settle the issue up to a certain amount.) The association's bylaw regarding minutes are below: 13.6 Minutes i. The minutes of the meetings of the [Board] shall: a. be the responsibility of the Recording Secretary, in their absence the [Board] may select a temporary replacement; b. include a summary of the discussion, a record of the motions pass
  2. Thanks for all the responses. If it is up to the organization, then that's fine. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't a "common-law" standard before I advise them on how to proceed, should this come up. Does PL mention the MEM question, at all?
  3. As assembly I serve has 22 members overall. 19 of them are elected by the membership (or portions thereof), and three are appointed. The three appointees are listed in the bylaws as "non-voting". The practice as I have seen is that they hold all other rights of membership, other than the right to vote. Absent any other provisions, what is a majority of all members: is it 12 (of 22), or is it 10 (of 19)? Also absent any other provisions, do the non-voting members count in determining whether a quorum is present?
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