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  1. The Board of the organization I worked for met in Executive (Closed) Session to discuss a then-ongoing legal matter. A motion was considered and passed regarding the matter. (In short, the Board gave the Executive the authority to settle the issue up to a certain amount.) The association's bylaw regarding minutes are below: 13.6 Minutes i. The minutes of the meetings of the [Board] shall: a. be the responsibility of the Recording Secretary, in their absence the [Board] may select a temporary replacement; b. include a summary of the discussion, a record of the motions passed and a numerical record of the votes taken; ii. Minutes of meetings in closed sessions shall include only a record of the motions passed and a record of the votes taken. I know the motion gets recorded in the Closed Session minutes. Does it also get put into the minutes of the meeting overall? In the past we have done so, but that is normally because our closed sessions involve naming people to positions or granting money, where the result normally gets announced in open session. This situation isn't like that so I'm not as sure. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. If it is up to the organization, then that's fine. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't a "common-law" standard before I advise them on how to proceed, should this come up. Does PL mention the MEM question, at all?
  3. As assembly I serve has 22 members overall. 19 of them are elected by the membership (or portions thereof), and three are appointed. The three appointees are listed in the bylaws as "non-voting". The practice as I have seen is that they hold all other rights of membership, other than the right to vote. Absent any other provisions, what is a majority of all members: is it 12 (of 22), or is it 10 (of 19)? Also absent any other provisions, do the non-voting members count in determining whether a quorum is present?
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