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  1. Our Bylaws state if a procedural motion arises not provided for in the constitution and bylaws, it shall be handled using Roberts Rules of Order...
  2. I was given a letter of reprimand voted on by the board of officers, all members have the right to come to the meeting to dispute the "disaplinary actions" handed out to them. I asked at the board meeting (held monthy) to move to withdraw the letter of reprimand , the president said he would check our bylaws and we would disscuss at the next meeting (today). Each board member said their opinion on it and although the board recognized that we do not have that rule in our bylaws nor anywhere else, that this "rule" has been moralized in the past. So they voted 4 to 2 that my letter of reprimand stays. I am not satisfied and highly dissapointed that this board did this.
  3. My motion to recind the letter of reprimand was tabled, and will be brought up again at this months meeting.
  4. I will add, I am on the board of officers, and I know for a fact there are no rules in our club that justify this action against me.
  5. I was giving a letter of reprimand due to a member I sponsered having been found in a violation of club rules. Specifically the letter says: as you are aware you are direcly responsible for the conduct of those members that you personal sponsor for the first year of their membership. No I was not aware, nor does it state that anywhere. I asked the board to rescind this letter due to the fact that is nothing in the bylaws, constitution, or standing rules stating that I am direcly responsible for the conduct of those members that you personally sponsor for the first year of their membership. Please advise.
  6. Sorry, I missed that. Was hoping for some kind of loop hole. Thank you much for your help.
  7. What if it's not actually under bylaws in the book, it's under Constitutions Article III, Section 6?
  8. Bylaw says a board member shall be removed from office upon being absent from three consecutive monthly board meetings. Is there anyway for the president to over rule this? The board member in question is an outstanding board member which circumstances beyond his control at this time. He has been on the board for three years, he has his own business which is open 7 days a week, and just the past few months he has lost several employees that has forced him to have to work there during the meeting time.
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