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  1. My Chair will be absent at my next Board meeting. The Vice Chair will be taking on the role of Chair for that meeting. Do I refer to the Vice Chair as Chair Pro Tem or Vice Chair?
  2. Thank you Mr. Martin. I understand that now that you explained it.
  3. What a relief! Thank you so much Mr. Katz. I truly appreciate your assistance on this. Now all I have to do is convince them they don't have to abstain just because they weren't there. I will print out your explanation. 😊
  4. I need help with this topic and don't see a final answer above. I had a regular meeting in September of my seven-member board with only four members in attendance; one was an alternate. At the next meeting in November, my Minutes were prepared and on the agenda for approval. My By-Laws state a quorum is a majority out of four. There were only three members from the September meeting in attendance at the November meeting. There were six members total present at the November meeting. The Minutes were pulled from the agenda and continued to the next meeting scheduled for December because there were only three members that attended the September meeting at the November meeting and the other members present (at the November meeting, abstained from voting on approval since they had not attended the meeting), so they were not approved in November. I may have an issue in December where I still won't have a quorum of the four who attended in September so the Minutes can finally be approved. What do I do? Can I ask the fourth absentee to submit a written vote for the December meeting if she is absent in December as expected? Can I file the Minutes without having them approved? I'm afraid if I push this off to our first meeting next year I won't have the same Board members due to the election.
  5. Thank you. I checked the reference you suggested in the book (don't know why I couldn't find that before, yikes). I believe the appropriate choice here is to amend the motion. Thank you very much for your expertise.
  6. My Board voted to send one Commissioner and one staff person on a study trip without designating which ones would attend; leaving that decision to discussion after the meeting. Within a few days after the meeting, two Commissioners decided they wanted to attend, and the staff person was happy to accommodate their wish and not attend so both Commissioners both go. Since the motion was to send one Commissioner and one staff person, do I now need to bring the matter back to the Commission at the next meeting with a rescind or reconsider of their initial motion and then have them move that two Commissioners can attend the Study? Thank you for your gracious assistance. (Next year, we'll just note two representatives)
  7. It's quite an interesting issue. It has to do with a quorum matter. One official said he has seen it done often and could easily waive the Bylaws for the matter. I was shocked too.
  8. Thank you for your response. Our Bylaws do not specifically grant that authority, but does refer to the Robert's Rules in the event "something" isn't directly stated within them. If Robert's Rules don't offer that, then I understand it is not okay. I do appreciate the knowledge sharing on this site. I refer to it often.
  9. Can an elected official temporarily waive the adopted bylaws for a particular decision?
  10. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. That is what I was hoping to hear, I just needed to back up. Kindest Regards, jrice
  11. We categorize our agendas as Consent, Business, and Informational Items. No Action is requested for Informational items, but if my Board wanted to take action, could they?
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