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  1. Aloha, I'm hoping to find a "protocol" that might be available in a link or forward that would provide a newly appointed Special Committee Chair that was appointed by the chair that would give me a reference for: Required notice of scheduled committee meetings Records needing to retained from the committee ( are mailed notices, agendas, minutes of meetings and committee reports ) all required to be maintained and then turned over the Secretary of the Association? Is a special committee required to allow members to attend the committee meetings, participate, etc? Our past special committee meetings have been named by the Chair without a motion or vote and the chair of the committee and it's members were appointed at the same time. All committee meetings we private with the 3 members and no members (of a membership of 247) were notified of meetings, invited to attend, and not provided any info other than the committee report. There is a criticism that this is nothing other than a discussion of Board business with the potential of a specific outcome and that the deliberative process and intent of the Committee is to remove the membership from participation and discussion. It's looks like a special committee is required to be open to the membership, notices sent, etc with a less formal and restricted forum than a Regular Board meeting and the primary function is to enable open discussion by all members desiring with the Committee members then charged with the duty to recluse only for the preparation and the committees recommendation as noticed by a sole vote of the Committee Members. Excerpt from 52 RR ~ " It is the duty of the chairman to call the committee together, but, if he is absent, or neglects or declines to call a meeting of the committee? it is the duty of the committee to meet on the call of any two of its members. In small special committees the chairman usually acts as secretary, but in large ones and in all standing committees, it is customary to elect a secretary, who keeps a brief memorandum of what is done, for the use of the committee. Members of the society have a right to appear at the committee meetings and present their views on the subject before it at such reasonable times as, upon request, the committee may appoint. But during the deliberations of the committee no one has a right to be present, except members of the committee. Thank you very much