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    Failure to properly Call a Meeting

    Thank you, George, very much.
  2. Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentleman, I have what I think is a unique and tough situation to resolve. I am seeking opinions on the ramifications of not being in compliance with bylaws at 2 different levels as well as State Statute. I believe that if 3 sets of Statute / Bylaws were broken in regard to properly calling a meeting, specifically giving less than the required notice by at least 5 days, that the business conducted at the meeting may be null and void. Particularly when the meeting involved an election, and those delegates are elected to represent voters at a later date. Authority #1 - We have State Statutes that require a County Convention of a major political party to be held in even numbered years, with one of the purposes of that convention being to elect delegates and alternates to the State Party Convention. Authority #2 - Our State Party bylaws require "Notice of Meeting. 1. Notice of the County Convention shall be published in an official County newspaper of general County circulation, no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the County convention. " Authority #3 - Our County Party bylaws require " 5.DATE OF COUNTY CONVENTION: The State Central Committee (or the State Party as noted above) shall determine the date(s) of the County Conventions consistent with State Statute" and "6. COUNTY CONVENTION NOTICE OF MEETING: Notice of the County Convention shall be published in official County newspapers of general county circulation in Douglas and Glenrock no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the County Convention." (For a March 10th meeting, the notice in the Douglas newspaper was published on February 28th - 10 days in advance of the meeting, and in Glenrock on March 8th, 2 days prior to the meeting). The Chairman of the meeting in question called the meeting to order, then it was brought to his attention that the meeting was not properly called. After very brief discussion, the Chairman ruled that the the term "no later than" meant that the notice should have been published at a date that was subsequent to the 15 day bylaw. Which quite obviously is the opposite of what the bylaws state. Both the State Party and the County Party are governed by Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised which are cited in the bylaws.