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  1. Very good info that I will remember. I work more than full time most of the year (AC work in Las Vegas) but want to be more involved in the club. I've been nominated for board positions before, but I need to leave it to the "retired" guys for now. We definitely need Points of Order made clear. Thank you guys for the help on this issue, and I will try to help us fix one thing at a time.
  2. My shooting range uses Robert's Rules for our monthly membership meetings. I meant to research this sooner, but would still like to know the answer and if anything can be done about it. At the November meeting, the secretary read his report and gave his recommendation to raise our guest fees from $5 to $10. It was then voted on to BOTH accept the secretary's report AND raise the guest fees in the same vote. Several felt obliged to vote for the increase in guest fees so that the report could be accepted (our meetings are too long and filled with drama as it is) and several of us abstained from accepting the report because of this. Is this acceptable procedure? Unfortunately, we've already had our December meeting also, but I was out of town.
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