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  1. Can the Chairperson of an Ethics committee, who has a grievance filed against them, stay on the committee to oversee other grievance filings?
  2. Does a President of a board have the right to nominate an individual for a vacant board position seat?
  3. If an Ethics committee has yet to be selected by a Board of Governers (per the constitution), and violations are committed by a Board member. Would that Board member have the right to participate in the selection of the Ethics committee which would receive the grievance against him/her?
  4. Unfortunately, the President has disregarded Parliamentary Procedure and our Board members do not understand it nor willing to educate themselves with it. An appeal would be on deaf ears.
  5. What can a Board member do when their rights were violated by the President by not being notified of a Board meeting? All Board members are aware of the violation, yet no one speaks up to the President.
  6. Is an email to all Board members other than the President outside the lines? The letter is outlying the needs of the unit that are not being met as well as Violations the President has committed. It is an opportunity for them to either put their name on it or not prior to it going out.
  7. Is the Board allowed to have a meeting without the President to discuss his actions?
  8. I am part of a Board for HS Basketball officials. Our President has been in violation of not adhering to our Constitution and RONR. Unfortunately, due to our organizational make up, our members do not become official members until they register which is a couple of months away. Therefore, we are not able to take the issues to the members through proper channels of discipline according to our Constitution. Is there a way through RONR that the Board can discipline the President?
  9. A board's President, who has been in the position for 2 1/2 months, has called two meetings without notifying an individual board member for each respective meeting (the two meetings were called for two different board members). He called the meetings to persuade the board to suspend/remove the non notified board member(s) who he feels were not working with him. What consequences should come from the President's actions?
  10. Can a President create a special committee and appointments for that committee with out board knowledge or approval?
  11. How do you then handle a situation where the President has not included a board member for a board meeting?
  12. Can a President exclude/not invite a board member to a board meeting?
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