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  1. Our HOA meets every 2-3 months. We usually have our Minutes approved at the next meeting. In August we had our Annual Meeting where I was elected to Treasurer. I have contacted our banks and they say that they need "Approved Minutes" designating me as the Treasurer, designating the signers to be added to the account, and designating the signers that should be removed from the accounts. Of course we didn't do this. The Minutes that are not yet approved. They state that I was elected Treasurer, but none of the other details. Luckily, the woman who was elected Secretary was never taken off the accounts and can sign. Here is the question: At the November Meeting, can I, if I add to it the Agenda, call for a motion and vote, to designate the signers, designate the removal of the signers, and immediate recordation and approval of the Minutes for this action? Is there a simpler or faster way of accomplishing what I'm trying to do? Help!
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