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  1. Thanks, Joshua, for the clarification.
  2. Regarding the 12th Edition, Unfinished Business and General Orders, 41:23 and 41:26, I'm confused. 41:23 tells us, “The heading…includes items of business in the four categories that are listed below…” Those categories are a), b), c), & d). Subparagraph b) has a phrase at the end, “…as indicated under (a) and (c).”, the meaning of which I am at a loss to comprehend. Then, 41:26 tells us “…a subject may not be taken up under…unless it has acquired such status by one of the formal processes (a), (c), or (d) listed in 41:23.” The omission of (b) appears to be a contradiction of the
  3. Previous notice is given at a monthly meeting of intent to make a motion at the next monthly meeting. At that next meeting, the member who gave the notice is absent. We already know what the motion was going to be because it was stated along with the notice. I assume it is permissible for some other member to make the motion, correct? If so, since notice was given but the motion had not yet been made, I assume it would have to be made under New Business, correct? If no one makes the motion, I assume the notice "falls to the ground" and the process would have to start over; the member would hav
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