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  1. Thank you to the gentlemen who responded to my query. Very helpful advice that I am sharing with our Condo Board. Thanks especially for your quick responses.
  2. Thank you Mr. Brown for taking the time to help me. Here is the exact text which is causing the confusion. "Article VII, Officers. Section 7.01. Designation. The principal officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice President, both of whom shall be members of the Board, a Secretary and a Treasurer. They may also appoint such other Assistant Treasurers and Assistant Secretaries as in its judgment maybe necessary. Any two offices, except that of President and Vice President, may be held by one person." The Association elects 5 Board Members. The 5 decide who will be Pres., VP, Secretary and Treasurer. Recently, one of the Board Members resigned as Treasurer and remained on the Board as an At Large Member. The Board chose a Resident, who is not an elected Board Member, to be the Assistant Treasurer. I argue that this person is actually the Assistant to the Treasurer, therefore, the Board needs a Treasurer. I suggested that the Pres., VP or Secretary ALSO be the official Treasurer. The Board cited the underlined sentence above, to claim they cannot hold two positions. However, I believe they misinterpreted the sentence. The sentence was intended to avoid one Board Member from being BOTH President and Vice President at the same time. What is your reading of the underlined sentence? The Board lacks an experienced Parliamentarian and your advice will be very helpful. Ian Lifchus
  3. Our Condo Association elects a Board of 5 Officers. The 5 Officers have an internal election to determine who will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at Large. A few months after this election, the Officer who performs the Treasurer decides he no longer wants to be the Treasurer. The Board decides to appoint a Non-Officer volunteer as an Assistant Treasurer. I don't see the logic of having an Assistant to a non-existent Treasurer? It makes sense to me that one of the Board Members assume the title of Treasurer as a point of contact with the Board.
  4. Our Condo Board Treasurer resigned. Can the President or Vice President perform the duties of the Treasurer? I thought the only taboo was 1 person holding the offices of both President and Vice President. Is there a citation in Roberts that supports Officers holding more than one office?
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