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  1. Dan - thanks for the quick input. That was my understanding too. So even though there is a provision for filling open seats on the Board, the bylaws would have to specifically call action for the replacement of the President? Otherwise it follows Roberts Rules of Order and the VP takes the position and the VP role becomes vacant, correct?
  2. Here is our dilemma. The President recently resigned, the 2nd Vice President was removed for not showing, and I am currently the vice President. It was my understanding that the position of the President is different from the rest of the roles and that it is filled immediately upon resignation, unless specified otherwise in the bylaws. Below is the only mention of open seats being filled, except during the General Election. So is the below too general to apply to role of President? Or does 'Any' suffice? (b) Any resignation of an Officer submitted to the membership shall directly and forthwith be accepted. A successor shall be elected by a majority of the Board members. Such successor shall remain in office for the balance of the unexpired term.
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