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Approving position

Guest Marie Bakich

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Recently our non-profit organization had a vacancy for the newsletter editor. We asked our membership for volunteers and received 3 highly qualified applicants. During our Board meeting, after much discussion, we could not come to a consensus because most of us would have been satisfied with 2, or even all, of the candidates.

We decided to have a roll call and each board member would state their first pick. Out of 9 board members, 5 picked Candidate A, 3 picked Candidate B, and 1 did not vote. Candidate A, having the most top votes got the position.

My question is: do we need to have a formal motion approving Candidate A with board members casting their votes yea or nay?

I would appreciate any advice on the situation.


Marie Bakich

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At this point in time, I think it's fair to say that the motion was assumed. Since candidate A received a majority of those present and voting, he/she is appointed to that position. If someone had raised a point of order at the time, the chairman could have rules that he had assumed the motion or he could have corrected the situation. Now it is too late to raise a point of order.

Time to move on.


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