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Guest Hornets

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I have a couple of questions. First of all, I was "thrown" into the VP & Treasurer position this year after we had some issues with our President & the ex Treasurer stealing money from our park so I don't know a lot about RONR, but I'm learning.

Our bylaws state: At the annual meetings, the BOD shall elect from its own membership a Commissioner, President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Equipment Mgr, Cheerleading Coordinator, Concession Manger and any other officers and Committee members as are needed. The above mentioned officers & committee members shall be elected for one full ball season including any divisional play-off and/or bowl games for that season.

Then a little bit further down it states: A meeting of the BOD shall be conducted after the ball season has ended for the reading of the reports and election of officers.

My question is...does the BOD elect the new BOD or can general audience (which would be parents & coaches) elect the new BOD??

Also it does not state anywhere in the bylaws that we can or can't do a ballot vote. What is the correct way to do elections?

Thank you so much for your answers!

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Well ...

2. The body that elects chooses the method of voting. Balloting rather popular.

... and ...

1. The standard answer is, see what the bylaws say. I'm guessing that Hornet, the original poster, has read the bylaws in their entirety, not just these excerpts, to be sure that the election procedure is not spelled out somewhere -- which it certainly should. But since a board has only the authority granted to it by the society it serves, then the members of the society should be the electorate of the board.

That does mean determining who the members are. Guest Hornet might have been speaking casually, but if really the parents and coaches are only a "general audience," not the actual members of the organization, then that's a pickle that needs curing (possible slight pun).

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It's not what we could call 'em, Hornets, it's whether they are.

Assume that the board doesn't elect itself, because if that were the case, the bylaws would say so -- and they don't. So the right (and obligation) to elect the board remains with the membership.

The bylaws don't say who the members are? Who elected previous boards?

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