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Agenda Item not Addressed

Guest Jeff

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At our school board meeting, there were two agenda items under Executive Session that included personnel recommendations and the Superintendent's evaluation. When the Board met in Executive Session, they discussed the personnel recommendations but forgot to discuss the Supt evaluation. When the Board reconvened to publicly vote on the personnel issues, there was informal discussion about doing the Superintendent's evaluation later in the year because he was somewhat new (had only been there 6 months).

There was no motion to postpone the Supt. evaluation and it was the end of the meeting, so after the personnel votes were taken, there was a motion to adjourn and it was seconded and the members agreed to adjourn. Should there have been a formal motion to move the Supt. Evaluation to later in the year? If so, how do we correct it now?

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Unless a motion was made, there is nothing to postpone.

When the chairman bypassed an item that was on the agenda, a member could have called for the orders of the day to require that the omission be addressed. However, it is now too late to raise a point of order to that effect.

As there is no continuing breach to correct, no further action is required.

OTOH, if the Board now wishes to sehedule the Superintendent's evaluation for the September meeting, a member could make that motion. However, approval of that motion does not gurantee that it will come up in September, just as above.

In other words, if the Board does not wish to being up this item, they cannot be forced to do so by any rule in RONR. (Higher level rules or statutes might say otherwise, however.)


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