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Depending on the formality of yoru group, there are a number of ways to deal with this.

  1. If you have to follow an agenda that includes this item (provision of bylaws, etc.), the chairman might ask for unanimous consent to postpone this item until the next regular meeting.
  2. If your group is less formal, the chairman might just announce that the minutes are not available and will be approved at the next meeting. If someone objects, he/she can put the question to a vote.
  3. If your group uses a consent calendar, you could insert an item about the minutes there.
  4. You could just adopt an agenda without the reading of the minutes.
  5. If your group is really anal about stuff like this, you could censure the secretary for gross neglect of duties. (Good luck getting anyone to take on that role after that.)

There are likely other ways to deal with it but this presents a good range or options.


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