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RONR, 11th ed, p. 202, l. 28-33 and p. 204, l. 20-22 appear to me to convey the same meaning, yet one is interrupted and the other is exhausted. Can someone clarify?


I'll assume you mean p. 203, ll. 28-33.

I think you just need to accept that an order for the Previous Question can be interrupted AND exhausted.

The Previous Question is ordered on a motion to Postpone to 3:00 P.M. and on the main motion. The motion to postpone is adopted. So, the order for the Previous Question is Interrupted, but not exhausted. This means that, at or after 3:00 P.M., when the main motion returns, the Previous Question will still apply.

Now, if it had been a motion to Commit instead of a motion to Postpone, the order would have been interrupted with the adoption of the motion to Commit, and it would have ALSO been exhausted.

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