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Can a section of our election by-law be suspended? We are a 501c4 Senior mobile home organization. Our Nomination Committee by-law contains the following:

4. Immediately following this meeting, the revised list of candidates will be prepared and a copy mailed to each Resident.

The provision to MAIL candidate listing has only been followed 2 times in the past dozen or so years in recent memory. Once when all except one member of the board resigned and a special election was held and last year when we had 2 candidates for every office. We maintain minimal funds and would like to suspend with the mailing requirement without doing a by-law change. We have at least 2 General Meetings before our next election. Can we vote at one of these meetings to suspend the mailing requirement and instead include the list in our monthly newsletter (no cost to us but physically distributed to every residents mail tube) or flyer and also post in the clubhouse?

Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

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